2 months in Argentina and Chile in 2016 - kelper

I had a month in Chile and Argentina in May of 2005 as part of my round-the-world trip, and ever since then I've been playing around with ideas for itineraries. My most comprehensive itinerary would have taken about four months, and I gradually realised that I was never going to make time for that trip, and I should split it up into at least two smaller trips. This first trip concentrated on the north of both countries, and lasted from mid-August to mid-October. I was able to keep an up-to-date report at my kelpercomehome blog. Some of the photos here are also on the blog, but this site contains the full resolution versions of the photos, and also the photos taken with my Canon camera rather than my iPod Touch, which I wasn't able to upload to the blog while travelling.

When I set off I was hoping to return on a container ship, departing Valparaiso in Chile at the end of September and taking 26 days to travel to Rotterdam. I knew before I set off that there was a high probability that the ship would be cancelled so I had a Plan B already in place to take 2 weeks travelling overland from Santiago to Buenos Aires, and flying home. It was indeed cancelled, as I learned a couple of weeks into the trip. That was disappointing, but the places I saw on the way back to Buenos Aires were places I'd already had on the list for the next trip so it wasn't a chore to see them this time.